Explore the World of Japanese Citruses

The complex flavors and world of Japanese citruses - KANKITSU - are yet to be discovered by many! Our mission is to bring deep and scrumptious kankitsu flavors to you, and enliven the community of farmers and manufacturers thriving to uphold the beautiful food tradition in the countryside of Japan.

With KANKITSU LABO's authentic Japanese citrus lineups, it lets me provide delicious flavors and smells of the citruses only available in Japan. I have used frozen peels and extracts that are not as pure as KANKITSU LABO's, which I was unsatisfied with. I am happy that I've found the right match with my Shio Ramen and Miso Salmon.

Akira, Brooklyn Ramen

Like most people these days, I’ve been seeing the Yuzu trend featured in tons of dishes, desserts, and cocktails. I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about until I tried KANKITSU LABO’s Yuzu and an assortment of their other citrus dried and lightly candied peels. Yum! Whether you’re eating them on their own or adding the peels to yogurt, ice cream, or even salads, the combo of sweet, bitter and tart is a perfect balanced bite. I get what the fuss is about. I hope this “trend” is here to stay. So tasty.

Mona, Miss Mona Makes Ice Cream

For a burst of yuzu flavor, the Dried Candied Yuzu Peels are a must have for baking, garnishing and enjoying straight out of the bag! They have the same floral citrusy flavor that you'd find in the real fruit so if you've ever been curious about yuzu, these are a great product to try!

Kara, Kara Blake Chin