Dry Candied Japanese Citrus Peel | Yuzu (ゆず) | 1.05 oz Bags


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So Good!

The best snack for nibbling or with a drink. Sweet, not too sour and low in calories. My local Uwajimaya used to carry these and I would buy them by the handfuls. Now I only find them in some specialty stores like chefshop.com. I now just realized I can order here so I will definitely be ordering a bunch on the regular!

Emily Kanemaru
Tasty yuzu

Delicious citrus that is great as a snack or add a twist to sparkling water. As a snack, I could not stop eating it. It isnt too sweet and has the perfect amount of sweet tart. I have had dried yuzu before by other companies that were too sugary and too sweet for my taste. I think it would taste good if added to a baked lemon cake or muffin.

Better Than Candy!

When you taste these candied peels be prepared for one of those OMG moments. It is a total explosion of flavor in your mouth. The Japanese are masters of ingredient processing. Unlike candied citrus peels in the US that are gooey and sticky, these are dry to the touch. That's because they use beet sugar which is not only natural but much healthier.

The texture is soft and chewy and the aroma is amazing. I have used them in salad dressings and marinades. Perhaps one of the best things you can do is to use them in cocktails. They bring a fragrance that is unmistakable to an Aperol Spritz or a Negroni. Finally, you can use them as an exceptionally colorful garnish for almost any dish.

These peels belong in every serious pantry.

Pamela Doo
Yummy on its own or in recipes

The first thing I did when I got my package of dried candied Yuzu peels is to try them straight out of the bag. They were nice and dry with some granulated sugar crystals. The sugar stays on the peel and doesn't flake off. It has a pleasant citrus taste with some chewiness. I gave a package to my mother, who will be using them in a pound cake.

Susie Li

It is my new favorite dry candies Japanese citrus peel.