100% Pure Citrus Extracts

Made from citruses harvested in southern prefectures of Japan.

KANKITSU are finely pressed from the sides to simulate hand squeezing to control the amount of oil and to keep consistent purity. The extract brings you the true flavors of citruses available in Japan to elevate your culinary experience. Perfect addition to upgrading your cooking, baking, dressing, cocktails and mocktails, and more!

・100% Natural Fruits Harvested in Yamaguchi and Tokushima Japan
・Natural Citrusy Flavor
・No Additives/Food Coloring/Artificial Fragrance/Preservatives
・Gluten/Lactose Free
・Vegan Friendly
・Vegetarian Food
・Cook with it
・Bake with it
・Make citrus dressings with it
・Play mixology with it

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No Sugar Added
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