Pâtissier Fred Cscibi-Levin

Fred Csibi-Levin

Introducing Pâtissier Fred, also known as Doc Macaron on social media, is a PhD scientist turned pastry chef. He is passionate about pushing baking boundaries by creating innovative & thoughtful pastries with mouthwatering flavors. A talented baker and instructor, he teaches several pastry courses for home cooks looking to level up their skills; his macaron classes are, of course, consistently raved about. Originally from France, he currently lives outside of Boston, MA. 

We had a wonderful opportunity to ask a few questions to Fred about Sudachi and how to best incorporate kankitsu in desserts.


Q. What was your first impression of Sudachi?
I was pleasantly surprised about the flavor and aromatics of Sudachi and immediately knew this citrus would pair well with a variety of fruits from different seasons. I envision Sudachi to become a major player in the citrus arena within chefs and pastry chefs.


Q. How would you describe the flavor and aroma of Sudachi?
The flavor of Sudachi is unique, exhibiting a delicate and balanced combination of sweetness, citrus, and floral notes with a slight, but refreshing, sour taste. The aroma of Sudachi is bright, zesty, and more mellow compared to yuzu.


Q. Since you are a scientist turned pastry chef, do you have any recommendations on what to do and what not to do with Sudachi from a science point of view?
Given its well-balanced flavor, which brings a lot of brightness and acidity, Sudachi is an excellent citrus to use in preparations that require the presence of an acid, such as pectin-based glazes and fruit fillings, as well as curds, which allow the flavor of Sudachi to remain present. In contrast to this, other citrus with lower acidity, (e.g., oranges, mandarins), they require to be mixed, and therefore diluted, with lemon, or any citrus that will provide the levels of acidity and therefore decrease the pH.


Q. Addition to your science point of view, could you provide advice on what to do and not to do with Sudachi from a pastry chef point of view?
In my opinion, Sudachi is a very versatile citrus that could be used in a wide variety of pastry applications (e.g., creams, sauces, sponges, sorbets) and would pair and elevate the flavor of both summer and autumn fruits, such as peaches and pears.


Sudachi, Pear and Ginger Citrus Meringue Tartlets Blackcurrent, Sudachi and Cardamom Honey and Lemon