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The complex flavors and world of Japanese citruses are yet to be discovered by many! 

Our mission is to bring deep and scrumptious KANKITSU - Japanese Citrus - flavors to you, and enliven the community of farmers and manufacturers thriving to uphold the beautiful food tradition in the countryside of Japan.

Dry Candied Citrus Peels

Made from citruses harvested in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Rinds of KANKITSU are delicately peeled, and candied using traditional methods to enjoy the harmony of sweet and tart. The peels are well-coated with beet sugar and dried completely—in results, the candied peels are not sticky and the sugar does not fall off. They can be enjoyed as is, toppings for yogurts and ice cream, garnish for your favorite drinks, key ingredient for desserts and pastries, coat them with chocolate, and so many other possibilities.


Yuzu is a very tart citrus that is less acidic than other members in its family. Yuzu Candied Peels exhibit a soothing aroma and a pleasant bitterness.

Our favorite pairing: with cheesecake

(Packaging Size: 30g / 1kg)


Amanatsu, also known as Japanese summer oranges, are aromatic and have a sweet and sour flavor. Amanatsu Candied Peels highlight a sweetness with a gentle sourness.

Our favorite pairing: as cocktail garnish

(Packaging Size: 30g / 1kg)


Iyokan oranges exhibit bright, citrusy fragrance when peeled with well balanced sweet and sour flavor. Iyokan Candied Peels bring you a rich citrus flavor reminiscent of freshly squeezed juice.

Our favorite pairing: with chocolate ice cream

(Packaging Size: 30g / 1kg)

Blood Orange|ブラッドオレンジ

Tarocco blood oranges, harvested in Ehime prefecture, are the sweetest of all the blood orange varieties with nicely balanced tartness. Blood Orange Candied Peels boasts a vibrant orange color and concentrated umami.

Our favorite pairing: with yogurt

(Packaging Size: 30g / 1kg)

Kawachi Bankan|かわちばんかん

Kawachi Bankan is a rare type of citrus even in Japan. It has a high sugar content of about 11%, slightly acidic, and is very juicy. Kawachi Bankan Candied Peels have a grapefruit and lemon-like refreshing flavor.

Our favorite pairing: as salad topping

(Packaging Size: 30g / 1kg)

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