Dry Candied Japanese Citrus Peel | Variety Pack


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Chris C

I had tried Vietnamese pomelo peels and absolutely loved them! So, when I found out what these were, I was so thrilled to try! They are delicious and I love them. The only downside is that I finish the bag in a sitting! With that said, I wish the bags were bigger!!! 😄🥰😋

Arlene Schwarz
Sooo tasty

Just purchased the Kankitsu- Labo citrus peel and am thrilled with their flavors.
I use them with my morning oatmeal( groats) and they add a very interesting variety of tastes- sweet- bitter- sour.
I haven’t baked with them yet, but will soon be Doing that.
I normally cook orange and lemon rinds and sugar myself. They turn out ok , but these rinds have more of a variety of flavors.
I will surely buy them again.
Thank you to the company for such an interesting and delicious product.

Frances W.
So delicious!

I had a recipe that called for candied peel and my prior experience with candied orange peel is basically sugary orange plastic. Not amazing. These seemed unique and looked like actual oranges, so I purchased.
Do yourself this favor. These are tangy, sweet, and taste like juicy dried fruits rather than peel. The yuzu is especially nice. I ate a handful of them, which in retrospect is probably a lot of fruit peel to consume at once or at all.
If for some reason you also need citrus peel for a strange European recipe, this is the one you should get. It’s honestly much fancier than a boiled British dessert needs or deserves. If you put them in chocolate your kitchen skills would probably elevate to Netflix food show level overnight.